James Alexander Rouvray (1839 - 1906)

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James Alexander Rouvray was born at Pentonville, London, on 30th December 1838, the eldest son of James. In railway records the date of James’ birth is given as 30th Dec 1837, but his birth is registered in the March quarter of 1839 at Clerkenwell. His father recorded it as 30th Dec 1838 and this fits most other information. However, he was christened at St Mary's church, Pentoville, Marylebone on 1st Nov 1840, at the same time as his sister, Rachael.

He emigrated to Melbourne, Australia from Liverpool, England with his parents James and Frances (Fanny) in 1854 aged 13 aboard the ship "James Carson".

St Mary's church, Pentonville 1814, 2014 James Alexander Birth certificate,
30th December 1839
St Mary's church Pentoville James birth 1812

James Alexander was station master of Talbot and in 1885 was transferred to the suburban station, Burnley, taking his family with him.

On 16th Jan 1867 he married Jane Eliza (sometimes called Eliza Jane) Passenger, at St. Peter's Church, Melbourne. She was born in Lambeth, London, the daughter of Thomas Passenger and Eliza Jane, his wife, nee Smith

James Alexander and Eliza had eight children, 7 girls and 1 boy:

Eliza Frances           	1867-1952
Emily Maude            	1870-1944
Louisa Agnes            	1872-1875
Florence Gertrude   	1874 - 1950
Rosa Louise               	1876-1916
Lucy Mabel                	1878- ?
Albert Gray                	1880- 1959
Agnes Passenger          	1882- 1974
St. Peters Anglican church, Melbourne (1854, 2014) James Alexander & Eliza Gravestone
St. Peter's church, Melbourne James Alexander Gravestone

James died in Northcote, Victoria on 20th May 1906 and was buried on 23rd May in Coburg cemetery, Victoria. Eliza died 12th July 1908. They are buried together along with three of their daughters, Emily Maude, Rosa Louise and Lucy Mabel.

James Death certificate 1869
James Alexander 1906

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