Leslie Gordon (1885 - 1968)

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Leslie Gordon was born 9 February 1885. He is the son of   Alfred Andrew and Betsy Beall.

Leslie Gordon married Elsie Marie Torgrimson, born about 1891, daughter of Nicolai Torgrimson and Sophia Brasslin. Leslie managed a store at Dookie, Victoria. They had three children:

Gordon			born 24 Aug 1913 at Shepparton, Victoria
					married: Ida Sutherland of Cosgrove about April 1938
Stanley Norman	born 1917 [Staff Sergeant during WW2] died 1958
					married: Doris Jean Harvey March 1942, St Kilda
Olga Lesley		born 27 Nov 1925, Dookie, died 1976 Mooroopna (Olga was named after Elsie’s sister)
					married: Kevin Beard

Leslie Gordon died on 6 November 1968. Elsie Marie passed away on 30 June 1953, Mooroopna, and was buried in Dookie East, Victoria.

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